12 Last-Minute Cannabis Gifts for the High Holidays

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A year ago, when we published our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide, we bade that calamitous year a not-so-fond farewell and looked forward to a brighter 2021. Now, older and wiser, we imbue our optimism with a bit more caution but remain steadfast in our goal to give you some of the best reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe just to the couch, but, hey — it’s a start.

And so, in the spirit of giving, and with our hopes that you’ll do the same, we present to you our last-minute Holiday Gift Guide.

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For the Head of the Family

Stashlogix Stash Boxes and Stash Bags

Stashlogix is the brainchild of a dad who didn’t want his kids getting into his goodies, especially while traveling in the Rockies. What started as one bag grew into a line of smell-proof bags and cases that use two different technologies — a non-porous liner and a carbon fiber fabric — to keep products fresh and noses less nosy. Some even come with a combination lock to make sure your medicine stays yours and yours alone, but all are handsome enough to keep you looking good while you’re feeling good.


For the Foodie

Cloud11 Chocolate Bon Bons and Hervé Macaroons

Cloud11’s artfully infused cannabis confections are handmade by a pair of acclaimed chefs, one of whom headed up the pastry program at New York’s Eleven Madison Park. They come precisely dosed in 2mg and 4mg varieties, so you won’t get zonked in front of your dinner guests, and you can choose among Salted Peanut, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn or Black Sesame & Yuzu.  Eat them slowly, enjoy them leisurely.


If jetting off to France seems just a bit more difficult than usual these days, indulging in some delicious macarons may be the next best thing. Enter Hervé, a Las Vegas-based edibles brand offering a line of handmade, gluten-free, vegan macarons, each brushed with 23-karat gold leafing, that are so visually stunning you might feel guilty biting into them. They come in flavors like Pink Raspberry, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Ganache, and at 10mg of THC per cookie, they’re as shareable as they are giftable.


For the Fashionista

Fred Segal Get Lit Pom-Pom Hat

As a brand that’s helped define the LA look for 60 years, Fred Segal is nothing if not au courant. No surprise, then, that they now offer weed-themed clothing and accessories, everything from elegant rolling trays and grinders to stylish sweaters and a Get Lit Pom-Pom Hat. Bring the knit hat out to the slopes to show your love of the plant, or just wear it around the house to stay warm while you get baked.


For the Techie

The Beed Machine

Beed wants to be the Keurig of Kush. They make a fully-automated joint-rolling appliance that is the perfect gift for the nerdy friend who has everything. You pop in a coffee-like capsule that contains .5 grams of freshly ground cannabis, wait about 20 seconds, and the device spits out a perfectly constructed joint. 


For the Art Lover

Gogh Happy with Native Roots

For fans of Vincent Van Gogh and ganja, here’s a gift idea that will put some extra stars in his Starry Night. This January, The Immersive Van Gogh Denver show will display the artist’s works with music, sounds, light, and moving images. As if that isn’t trippy enough, on Fridays, Native Roots Cannabis Co. offers guests $50 gift cards, which they can use before the event and enjoy Immersive Van Gogh Denver late in the evenings — from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., two hours later than normal closing time.


For the Old School Playa

ClassiX prerolls and Snoop on a Stoop


Ever miss the days when you kept your playlists on a boombox instead of a thumb drive? Us either — but, hey, boomboxes are still pretty cool, and who better to celebrate their unsubtle beauty than the weed industry? Columbia Care has launched California brand Classix in a half-dozen states, and their pre-rolls are packaged in boombox-themed five-packs and offered in strains like Kurple Grapes, Animal Mints, and Jamaican Hash Plant. Do the right thing and pick up a pack for the hip-hop fan in your life.


When we saw ads in our Facebook feed for the Snoop on a Stoop Elf, we just knew we had to have one. The handmade and handpainted Snoop elf has realistic gold chains and pot leaf pendants, and of course, the legendary rapper is smoking a big ole blunt made of bubble gum.


For the Imbiber

Cann Hi Boys and Garden Society Wine Gummies

“Same buzz, hold the hangover” is Cann’s motto, and from the first time we sipped their all-natural, low-calorie, low-dose sodas, we were converts. Cann’s 8-oz, 2mg THC drinks are now joined by their 12-oz, 5mg THC big brothers. With flavorful formulations like Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamom, and Cranberry Sage, Canns are as refreshing as they are relaxing, and you won’t regret drinking them when you wake up.


Not everyone is ready to give up their wine for weed, and not everyone has to. Garden Society, a craft cannabis brand founded by women for women, has launched a line of fast-acting gummies made with real wine and full-spectrum, sun-grown cannabis. Each gummy offers 5mg of THC and 1mg of CBD, and they come in Tart Cherry Pinot Noir, Peach Prosecco, and Sparkling Strawberry Rosé. Best of all, they pair well with everything in your refrigerator.


For the CBD Enthusiast

Green Entrepreneur CBD and Mom and Dad Grass

Ok, maybe we’re a little biased, but we’re definitely hot on our Green Entrepreneur CBD brand. Why? Because it’s a quality product that’s designed to meet the entrepreneur at every stage of their day to maximize both performance and relaxation. The entrepreneurs in your life can start the day with the Rise and Shine AM formula and chill out with Unwind CBD bath soak.

Mom and Dad Grass offers the mellow of cannabis without the paranoia that your parents love to complain about. And because mom and dad deserve the best, the nugs consist of Organic CBD hemp grown in small batches under the sun. If your parents are nervous about having a stash around the house, the company also sells cleverly concealed dog biscuits and tea tins. 


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