2 Marijuana Stocks That Could Offer More Value In 2022

Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch Before The Weekend Begins

Many marijuana stock investors are trying to remain patient with consistent pullback. It seems that what was once a market with consistent momentum has now tapered off. In the last year, there have been many things that impacted the most cannabis stocks trade. Before the most recent presidential election, the market was first tested by the shutdowns during the pandemic. Which didn’t stop the cannabis industry from being operational. In fact, at the height of the pandemic marijuana-related businesses were deemed essential.

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Also because there were so many people at home cannabis sales increased as a result of businesses staying open. At this time many MRB’s were able to show record-breaking earnings. Which all helped to see better trading even while amid a pandemic. When the new year came the sector was still trading at high levels. It wasn’t until mid-February that the sector went through a drastic drop in trading. Much of this was caused by the uncertainty and holds to pass federal cannabis reform.

This ongoing battle is creating a lot of inconsistencies in the sector. Yet there is some upside to having a window of opportunity to find the best marijuana stocks to buy. In the last serval months, there have been days of volatile upward swings. Which some have been able to capitalize but nothing the market can sustain. The name of the game is to buy low and sell so at the moment it’s still a buyers market. Once federal reform is passed history has shown news like this resonates well for the sector. So as investors, shareholders, and people of the industry wait now is the time to keep an eye on the best marijuana stocks to watch in 2022. Below are just a few cannabis companies that may see better progress next year

Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now In December

  1. Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CURLF)
  2. Green Thumb Industries Inc. (OTC:GTBIF)

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. operates as an integrated medical and wellness cannabis operator in the United States. It operates in two segments, Cannabis Operations, and Non-Cannabis Operations. The Cannabis Operations segment engages in the production and sale of cannabis through retail and wholesale channels. The Non-Cannabis Operations segment provides professional services, including cultivation, processing. In the last month, the company has been able to achieve more accomplishments. marijuana stocks to watch Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) (CURA)

For starters, the company has been able to expand its B NOBLE partnership into medical dispensary locations in New York. This expansion is one of the first partnerships of its kind in New York. Which as the New York Cannabis Control Board recently approved the whole flower as part of its medical marijuana offerings in late October. Curaleaf also announced the opening of its new Spring Hill dispensary back at the end of November.

This new location is the company’s 113th dispensary nationwide and its 38th in Florida. Many people hold this company in high regard. Some investors have placed the company as a top marijuana stock to watch. More so as long-term versus short-term investment. The company has done well with growing its presence in Florida. As the sunshine state seems to be the company’s dominant market. So as Curaleaf continues to yield more success more people are taking a vested interest in the company.

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Green Thumb Industries Inc.

Green Thumb Industries Inc. manufactures, distributes, and sells various cannabis products for medical and adult use in the United States. It offers cannabis flower; and processed and packaged products, including concentrates, edibles, and topicals, and other cannabis products. In the most recent company update, Green Thumb has opened Rise Reno in Nevada. This makes for the company’s 67th retail location in the nation.


The money made from the first day of sales will be donated to Helping our Brothers and Sisters. These organizations offer mentoring and short-term financial assistance to U.S. combat Veterans. Along with an emphasis on those living with PTSD and other chronic issues. As well as LGBTQ Veterans were denied recognition and support due to their sexual orientation. In the last year, Green Thumb has been one of the top companies to watch.

Even in a down market GTBIF stock has maintained better levels than most other cannabis stocks. Not to mention the growth and expansion in other parts of its operation. Such as opening new dispensaries. Overall the company has been holdings on its own at a time when things could be better. Nevertheless, as a new year is upon investors are still viewing the company as a marijuana stock to watch.

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Words From The CEO

“Rise Reno marks our 67th store in the nation and our first Rise store in the Biggest Little City in the World,” said Green Thumb Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ben Kovler. “We are proud to support HOBS, a local organization that is doing crucial work to aid our Veterans living with PTSD, including our LGBTQ Veterans who have been wrongly denied support. We all owe our Veterans so much and we are happy to make this contribution, while introducing more consumers and tourists alike to the Rise experience.”

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