3 Effective Strategies Hemp and CBD Retailers Can Use to Boost Foot Traffic

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Hemp and CBD retailers across the country are asking themselves what they can do to compete with ever-growing online consumer spending trends. While brick-and-mortar retailers often have e-commerce operations in place, their top priority is driving people into the store.

How do you do this?

Here are the three most effective ways that almost every hemp and CBD retailer can use to boost foot traffic into their store without deploying a huge budget.

1. Think of your space as an interactive wellness destination

The days of running a brick-and-mortar store like a place where shoppers merely come in, pick up what they need, and leave, are gone. Think about your favorite places to shop. What do they all have in common? Most of the time, it boils down to a good shopping experience. There’s something about visiting that store in person that’s worth the effort.

Consider what you want shoppers to experience when they walk through your own doors. Highly trained and well-educated staff that are friendly and able to address any questions shoppers have is a must. From there, think about why most people visit your store. Is it for stress relief? Pain relief? Are they looking for ways to incorporate cannabis into their new tasty recipes?

Whatever the answer, take the time to get to know your customers and create an experience for them around their unique interests and needs. Consider hosting events that are interactive where people can meet, connect with, and learn from subject matter experts, discover new ways to incorporate products into their wellness regiments, or come in and enjoy themselves during a CBD mocktail paint night. Turns your store into a destination.

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2. Create an environment where people want to spend time

When opening a story in a community, think about what the living there takes pride in, care about, and place their attention on. Then explore ways to host an event or create an environment where those interests are acknowledged and supported.

For example, say you’re in an area where people enjoy sitting outside, having a drink, and unwinding? Is there an area for a few tables outside your store where people can sit outside and relax on a Friday night or weekend? Why not turn your space into a destination where people can escape some of the stresses of day-to-day life, come hang out while they enjoy a CBD beverage, soak up some sun, and read a book or listen to live music with friends.

Collaborate with other local businesses and organizations

Don’t be shy in reaching out to collaborate with other local businesses in and around your area. Word travels fast. Local businesses love seeing other local businesses help bring each other up rather than seeing them as competition that they feel the need to tear down.

Why not bring in a local musician to play live music on a weekend or evening? Have you thought about collaborating with a local bar or someone who is the craft cocktail master in town, and whipping up some CBD mocktails for people to try? Is there a local charity that you’d like to support?

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Once you’ve put everything together and have the plan dialed in, research the editors and reporters who cover community news and local business news in your area. Reach out to them about whatever cool new events and interactive activities you might have lined up for the community, what it means for you as a business owner, and what it means for the community. This is a great way to pique local interest and pick up publicity.

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