5 Ways to Market Your Cannabis Brand Around the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl advertising follows an old formula—buy an expensive television commercial with familiar ingredients like humor, spectacle, celebrity, and novelty. Wait to see if your ad is a touchdown or a punt. 

Thankfully, that isn’t the only ad play to make on game day. Your brand doesn’t need to be on TV. It just needs to be relevant and entertaining.

Of course, television is off-limits for cannabis brands, anyway — but this restriction might be a good thing. TV used to be America’s first screen, the main form of entertainment. But in the last decade, our smartphone screens have relegated ye olde idiot box to “second screen” status. A home theater can take a backseat to in-the-moment socializing through mobile social apps, particularly during live events fueled by fandom. The game is on in the background, but the action is on our phones.

So how do you create easy-to-get, quick-hit engagements that don’t take fans far away from the day’s main attraction?

Entertainment always wins on game day. But it’s not always obvious how to be entertaining to a broad audience — and relevant to the context of the event and the category in which you do business.

Fill your playbook with tactics to make your cannabis brand a more relevant, entertaining, and engaging presence during live game-day festivities. Just be sure to call the Super Bowl “The Big Game,” or you might be hearing from the NFL

Be there with them

Watch along with the fans and react, being an on-demand presence that participates in their fandom. Your commentary will be more relevant, and your company can add a new dimension to the day’s festivities. Pro-tip: Bring a celebrity along if you can.

Take sides

Fandom comes with rivalries from casual to die-hard and every level in between. A little friendly competition can go a long way, so think about ways people can prove their fandom. Keep in mind: the Super Bowl attracts mainstream, family audiences — avoid contests based on cannabis consumption or tolerance.

Give them a win

Help people play — quick achievements and instant promos reduce the chances they’ll get distracted or wander off. Reward their engagement before their attention returns to the main attraction.

Make an impact

Make a big difference in a little bit of time. People like an easy way to support a cause, and your brand can enjoy the affinity that comes from the positive sentiment evoked. 

Pace yourself

You’re here to solve a puzzle created by ad constraints, so be prepared to go the distance. Have you offered something for every type of fan? When they engage with your brand, do people feel like they’ve become better fans for their teams? Are your activities structured to ensure things can get progressively more fun as the “game” goes on?





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