A Country Divided? Not When It Comes to Marijuana Legalization

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The latest annual Gallup survey found that if legal marijuana were a political candidate, they would have enough support from either party to get elected to office. 

The survey, which Gallup released in November, shows that 68 percent of Americans favor legalization. That percentage maintains a record high level of support among the American people established in 2020.

The current president of the United States is apparently not among them. But the survey found his position runs counter to the opinion of a large majority of his own party and half of those on the other side of the political aisle.

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Who favors legalization

Despite living in a time when the term “a divided country” is used with alarming regularity, people seem to agree on one issue: legalizing weed. Gallup found support for legalization across the political spectrum. Of those surveyed, the following said they support making weed legal.

  • Republicans – 50 percent
  • Democrats – 83 percent
  • Independents – 71 percent

That 50 percent number may not seem impressive. However, it’s one point higher than the 49 percent of Republicans who said they oppose legalization. It’s also rather good when considering that Gallup did not find that a majority of all Americans supported legalization until 2013. 

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Majority support for legal weed in every group, except one.

The overall support is stellar for those who remember the lay of the political land a decade ago when Colorado and Washington became the first states to make cannabis legal. Support for legal weed at that time was hard to find among anyone outside of self-identified liberals.

Now, it’s everywhere. Gallup released numbers in a press release about the survey showing that most regular churchgoers currently support legalizing weed. Among those who attend church every week, 52 percent said they would make weed legal. Among those who attend “less often,” the number rose to 78 percent.

The percentage of those who support legalization by other groups included the following.

  • Men – 70 percent
  • Women – 65 percent
  • White people – 69 percent
  • Non-white people – 65 percent
  • 18-34-year-olds – 77 percent
  • 35-54-year-olds – 70 percent
  • 55-plus – 60 percent

Educational attainment also didn’t make a difference, with both college graduates and those without a college degree supporting legalization, respectively, at 73 percent and 58 percent. Only one group did not support legalization, and it came from the ideology category. Among conservatives, 49 percent said they support legalization. The support skyrocketed with moderates, at 74 percent, and liberals, at 86 percent.

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