A New Cannabis Campus Opens Its Doors In LA

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Los Angeles’ newest cannabis hub, INCUBAKD Collaborative Cannabis Campus, is opening its DTLA doors on Aug. 13.

The new complex, nestled at 220 W. 21st, in downtown LA, is designed to provide women and minority-owned cannaprenuers an opportunity to network with potential investors. In sparking conversations on fast-tracking cannabis business licenses, INCUBAKD co-founders have high hopes they can foster more diversity and inclusion while helping bud investor and entrepreneur relationships.

“Cannabis business development is in a critical phase in Los Angeles,” said INCUBAKD CEO Risa Rosas. “By bringing cannaprenuers together, we have a unique opportunity to diversify our industry and help creative minds develop their businesses further.”

She wants to provide pathways to legal licensure and credible business for entrepreneurs aiming to set up shop in the cannabis space and the Metaverse. By bridging the two industries, INCUBAKD’s merger creates communities in areas quickly bursting from their guerrilla phases into emerging industries estimated to hit billions of dollars in the next five years.

Cannabis Investment Forum

On August 14, INCUBAKD will host the Cannabis Investment Forum networking and investing event, is a live in-person and streamed webinar featuring speakers and panels discussing the global investing opportunities in the Blockchain, Cannabis, Crypto, Metaverse, NFT, and Web3 industries!

The event will pull in a collection of eclectic business speakers, including INCUBAKD’s co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer of INCUBAKD, Ralph Schulke and Rosas, alongside a backdrop of educational workshops. The Collaborative Cannabis Campus also provides a workspace for cannabis business owners, influencers, and content creators looking for a place to call home in Hollyweed.

“These are exciting times as cannabis and Web3 collide,” said Schulke. “Our team has figured out how to mesh emerging industries to band together and create sustainable solutions for business development of every type while intertwining it strategically with cannabis and Web3 projects. During CIF, there is much opportunity for collaborative networking, brainstorming, and innovative collaborations.”

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