A Weed ATM Is a Good Idea…Until You Get Busted

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A Detroit man was arrested after police found several kilos of cannabis and 18 guns in his home where he had allegedly operated a cannabis vending machine outside of it. The man who couldn’t wait for Detroit to allow cannabis sales to begin.


Marcellus Cornwell, according to a criminal complaint, allegedly operated the machine with which he was pulling in around $2,000 per day selling weed and pills, but mostly weed. And, he’d apparently been operating his cash cow cannabis machine for the past four years. 

Police officials, according to WXYZ, conducted surveillance at Cornwell’s residence and participated in two controlled suspected weed purchases from the marijuana vending machine during February and March 2022.

They then conducted a search warrant in March on the last known address and ultimately arrested Cornwell and another man.

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What A Business…

Cornwell told police that he made the majority of his living from the cannabis vending machine. At two grand per day, he clearly made quite a good living.

After months of delay, in early April Detroit’s City Council finally passed an ordinance allowing sales of adult-use cannabis to begin. 

Detroit’s new recreational cannabis law, meanwhile, has set off a land grab and is pushing up prices for property zoned where cannabis dispensaries are hoping to set up shop.

Detroit is obviously eager to catch up and cash in on Michigan’s lucrative cannabis industry. Apparently, Marcellus Cornwell just couldn’t wait.

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