Americans Feel Joe Biden Will Not Keep His Campaign Pledge On Cannabis Reform

Will Joe Biden Ever Decriminalize Cannabis During His Term?

A recent investigative study showed more than half of the USA feel that President Joe Biden will not fulfill some of his campaign promises. This is in regards to his promises of working on better cannabis reform as he has taken office. So with this many feel, he will do little to nothing to actually advance the reform in 2022. The poll from YouGov and The Economist asked Americans to rate Biden’s execution on six campaign promises. – MarijuanaStocks

Which were supposed to be done in his first year. And separately say how much progress they think he will make in the new year. Fifty-four percent said Biden has made minimal progress on cannabis decriminalization. Along with this, 23 percent expressed they didn’t know. Just 23 percent said that he’s made some or a lot of progress on the matter some feel that Joe Biden has made headway on some other issue he felt took more of priority.

These matters are loan forgiveness working on clean energy and infrastructure. In addition to raising the federal minimum wage and COVID-19 response. Yet Biden only made ground on the issue of obtaining bipartisan cooperation in Congress. This was for economic relief and Biden got lower scores than for cannabis reform.

Cannabis Reform Has Seen No Action From Joe Biden

Democrats were probably going to give Biden good specks for his advancement on several of these matters. Yet 42 percent expressed that he’s made essentially no improvement on decriminalization. However, 73 percent of those who are Republican even said Biden has done next to nothing to advance the reform. Even if that cohort is less supportive of the proposal overall.

Asked separately to look ahead for expectations in 2022, pessimism abounds. This led to 58 percent of respondents stating they expect the president will again make no progress on marijuana decriminalization. Despite pledging it to voters back during the 2020 election. Twenty-six percent said they weren’t sure what to expect. As well only 16 percent said they believe he’ll make some or a lot of progress.

The study also questioned respondents on how they personally viewed each of the campaign promises. From this 58 percent said they support marijuana decriminalization. Which is compared to 25 percent who are against cannabis reform.

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Final Thoughts On Joe Biden And Cannabis Reform In The United States

Currently, Americans have good grounds to be skeptical about how committed Biden is to fulfilling his marijuana pledges. Excluding decriminalization, he also stated on his campaign that he’d move to reschedule cannabis. As well as offering clemency to those with federal marijuana convictions. To which none of these promises have The YouGov survey involved interviews with 1,500 Americans from January 15-18. The margin of error is ±3 percentage points.

While specialists say it may not be possible for a president to unilaterally remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. Yet Biden has the ability to motivate agencies like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Justice Department to initiate rescheduling cannabis.

Yet the study didn’t ask respondents about clemency for marijuana prisoners. Which is a serious unfulfilled pledge that’s incredibly frustrating to advocates. Furthermore, when you consider that Biden could execute a mass pardon with a stroke of the pen.

Biden has received many letters from legislators, advocates, celebrities. Plus people who were affected by criminalization. These letters are asking Biden to take action about the individuals who remain behind federal bars over cannabis. After months of inaction, some members of Congress like Sen. Elizabeth Warren have even sent follow-up letters demanding a response.

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