Can Psychedelics Help Treat Alcoholism? What New Studies Show

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Clearmind Medicine Inc., a biotech company focused on discovery and development of novel psychedelic-derived therapeutics to solve major undertreated health problems, revealed positive safety profile results from its joint pre-clinical trial with SciSparc Ltd., a specialty clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of therapies to treat disorders of the central nervous system.

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The trial evaluated the proprietary combination of Clearmind’s proprietary psychedelic molecule MEAI and SciSparc’s CannAmide for treating alcohol consumption.

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Showing positive results

“We are extremely pleased with these positive results that once again strengthen our belief in the potential of our novel propriety psychedelic molecule MEAI,” stated Dr. Adi Zuloff- Shani, Clearmind’s CEO. “The results continue to suggest a high safety profile of the joint venture psychedelic combination treatment. We plan to further explore the safety and efficacy of combining our novel technology with Clearmind’s novel molecule.”

Earlier trials successfully showed a significant dose-dependent effect for MEAI treatment in reducing alcohol consumption in mice, with an additional significant effect achieved when combining CannAmide with a lower sub-effective MEAI dose.

These positive results follow previously announced results showing that alcohol consumption was significantly reduced following treatment with MEAI at a dose of 40 mg/kg and higher (p<0.01) compared to consumption before treatment.

A histopathology assessment was conducted to determine safety of the proprietary combination of MEAI and CannAmide vs. control. Several organs were harvested from all experiment groups and evaluated for impairment. The severity of impairments was scored by a 5-point scale by a qualified blinded toxicologist. Results indicated a high safety profile of the combination treatment with no treatment-related changes observed.

Alcohol consumption was significantly reduced following dual treatment with 25 mg/kg CannAmide in addition to MEAI at a dose of 20 mg/kg and compared to consumption before treatment. The mice were provided with 20% alcohol solution for 24 hours, three times a week for seven weeks, and were treated every day with MEAI or MEAI/CannAmide during the last two weeks of alcohol treatment. The alcohol consumption was measured by weighing the alcohol bottles before and after; water consumption was measured similarly in parallel.

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