Christopher Walken Comes Out of the Cannabis Closet at 78

In a recent interview with the NY Times, famous American actor Christopher Walken revealed that he is an avid user of marijuana.

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Walken, Oscar winner and best known for his work on films such as “The Dead Zone” (1983), “Sleepy Hollow” (1999), “Pulp Fiction” (1994), “Click” (2006), and “Seven Psychopaths” (2012) -among many others- opened in a thoughtful interview in which he panned over his long career and his private life.

The 78-year-old actor said that he really enjoys reading the Sunday Times newspaper: “My friend Geoffrey Holder used to say that there is nothing better than Sunday mornings: ‘The Times with a cup of coffee, in front of Fireplace’. That is beautiful”.

At first glance, that sounds like a quote without implications, but let’s keep it in mind as the story goes on.

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Christopher Walken, the stoner

The journalist David Marchese, asked him: “This is pure conjecture, but were you ever a heavy marijuana smoker?”

“Of course,” replied Walken.

“Do you still smoke?” Marchese doubled the bet.

Walken’s response was “Of course.”

When Marchese asked what he enjoys doing when he is high, the artist revealed: “When I told that story (…), I didn’t mention that a couple of puffs of the joint also added to the equation”.

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