Every Stoner’s Must-have Summer Accessory: Weed Crocs

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If there’s anything every weed lover needs, it’s a comfortable pair of shoes. The Dude loved his clear plastic jelly slippers. Snoop Dogg has his smoking slippers. For everyone else, there’s weed Crocs.


The company known for the lightweight, ugly-cute sandal released the Classic Hemp Leaf Clog in 2021 to the delight of stoners everywhere. Jet black with the familiar green seven-pointed plant painted all over, they make the perfect footwear for a summer of Covid-era (or post-Covid, depending on how you look at it) chillaxing.

Retailing for around $55, more than 175 reviewers on the Crocs retail site praise the shoe for both comfort and design. And weed Crocs definitely make a statement, according to those that love them.

“They’re my most asked about pair of shoes,” one wearer told Mel magazine. “I’ve got the comfort of having a great conversation starter on my feet, which is a wonderful way to spread my love for cannabis.”

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Weed and Crocs go mainstream

Crocs in general are definitely having a moment. It’s a known fact that celebrities love them: Questlove, an avid fan, wore a gold pair to the Oscars; Niki Minaj has some in hot pink; and everyone from Pharrell Williams to Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber has been seen in them.

Collaborations with famous names in fashion, music, and entertainment are huge, too, from Bad Bunny’s glow in the dark pair that sold out almost immediately in 2020 to Balenciaga’s $800 version that sold out before they were even released.

But weed-lovers don’t need all that. A time when cannabis is more mainstream than ever, proudly wearing your love of the plant and lifestyle is no longer considered subversive. A simple pair of very wearable shoes, that can go from the pool to the coffeeshop and apparently even an awards show, is all we really need. If they happen to be covered in pot (ahem, hemp) leaves, even better.

If you really want to go all-in, you can always add a hemp leaf charm (or 20) to your shoes. Just to get your point across that weed is life.

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