Father’s Day Cannabis Gifts For Every Kind of Dad

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What do you get the Dad who has everything this Father’s Day? If you’re one of the lucky people out there with a canna-friendly Dad or father figure in your life, the possibilities have never been more endless. Whether your Dad’s a seasoned stoner who’s down to try the latest hash-infused pre-roll, or a new CBD enthusiast looking for a vape pen with a smooth pull, finding the ideal canna-gift this year can be as simple as selecting a carefully curated, high-quality item on the Grassdoor menu.


To expedite the process, we’ve rounded up a prime selection of gift ideas to connect your Dad with the optimal addition to his cannabis collection this year. So without further adieu, here are 10 Grassdoor gift ideas to meet the needs of every canna-curious or canna-friendly Dad under the sun.

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For the Laid-Back Dad

Blackberry Kush Flower

If you’re getting your Dad any smoking accessories this year, it might also behoove you to make sure he’s well stocked with some easy-breezy Indica flower. Both Cascanna offer up a sweet, gassy Blackberry Kush strain that’s ideal for the Dad who digs curling up with full-bodied Indica for optimal evening relaxation.

For the Vaping Dad

Dosist Calm

Whether your Dad’s a newcomer to the medicinal market or just a cool old-timer who has come to appreciate the convenience and precise dosage of a vape, it’s a great time to hook him up with a Dosist Calm pen. Dosist “100 pens” deliver 100 precise doses of 2.5mg with each puff, which is a great help for vaping newcomers who aren’t necessarily looking for huge THC rips. The Calm pen’s 1:6 THC/CBD ratio is also a great mix for the Dad who prefers a mild body buzz but isn’t afraid of a bit of THC to augment the experience with chill vibes.

For the Daily-Dosing Dad

Kikoko Day Tincture

Another great option for getting your daily dose of CBD (and a little THC), Kikoko’s CBD Day Tincture is a fast-acting tincture for the Dad who wants a full-spectrum experience without having to vape or smoke. calming effect without producing noticeable psychoactivity or intoxication, Kikoko Day Tincture will make a great addition to any wellness-themed Father’s Day gift set you happen to be putting together.

For the Dankest Dad

Heavy Hitters Diamond Pre-Roll

Would your Dad get down with a dank pre-roll testing as high as 55% THC? You may want to hook him up with the latest and greatest from Heavy Hitters. A killer blend of potency and cannabinoid purity, the Diamond pre-roll will delight the heavy-hittin’ Dad with a deep, balanced body/mind buzz drawn from sticky small-batch flower (no shake) and infused with THC-A diamonds.

For the Dabbing Dad

Cosmic Chem Live Resin Sauce

Got a Dad or cool uncle who dabs? Why not make this Father’s Day a memorable one by hooking him up with some dank, tasty concentrate from one of the most prolific brands in the game? Grown and carefully curated from seed to shelf, Moxie’s Cosmic Chem Sauce is a Live Resin concentrate that fosters the ideal dab for the Dad who appreciates a clean head high and the sweet taste of prominent terpenes.

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For the Dad who Rolls His Own

King Size Rolling Papers Pack

Most of our stoner Dads came of age in the days when rolling one’s own was the only option. Because Dad’s a real one and well-seasoned in the art of rolling a joint, there’s never been a better time to hook him up with some high-quality King Size Rolling Papers. Pair with a Grassdoor Grinder and Lighter to make a proper accessories gift package.

For the Dad who Digs a Daytime Strain

Lowell Wake Up Sativa Pre-Roll Pack

Shopping for a Sativa enthusiast this Father’s Day? Lowell’s got ya covered with a solid pack of smokes. The Wake Up Sativa Pack comes with Lowell’s signature matches and built-in strike pad, and delivers an uplifting daytime blend with citrus, diesel, and peppery notes. Overall these pre-rolls make for a powerful breakfast or midday toke.

For the Classic Stoner Dad

Durban Poison Flower

If your Dad’s more of an old-fashioned weed connoisseur, there’s no shame in surprising him with a classic strain that he knows and loves. A legendary African landrace variety with 1970s roots, an eighth of Durban Poison will always make a choice gift for the classy, pipe-smoking canna-Dad with good taste in flower.

For the Terp-Loving Dad

Sour Melon Live Resin Cart

Maybe the father in your life is an enthusiastic newcomer to vaping but still has a hard time figuring out where the quality’s at. Introduce him to a Live Resin Cart from Raw Garden, one of the most consistent concentrate brands around. If your Dad likes the real terpy stuff, hook him up with the sweet, citrusy Sour Melon cart.

For the Active Dad

Papa & Barkley THC Rich Releaf Balm

If your Dad’s the active type and looking for a boost to his post-workout recovery, don’t hesitate to hook him up with a powerful THC-rich balm. Papa & Barkley is a reliable source of all things therapeutic in the cannabis market, and their Releaf Balm is a peerless topical for permeating sore muscles and enjoying a potent, relaxing full-body buzz.

For the Light-Drinking Dad Who Still Loves a Cold One

CANN Blood Orange Cardamom 6pk

Cannabis beverages can still be uncharted waters for even the most seasoned connoisseurs of new cannabis products. It can be hard to know where to start, let alone find a beverage that’s going to deliver on flavor and effects. CANN is the latest beverage brand to strike a mean balance between potent flavor and appropriately mild cannabuzz. If you’re Dad’s a light-on-alcohol/keen-on-cannabis kinda guy, the Blood Orange 6pk will be be a great addition to his summer cooler contents.

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