Flying High Through the World’s Largest Cannabis Dispensary

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Watch wide-eyed as vines grow along the ceiling and lions break through a giant 80-foot-wide LED screen on the wall. Ogle edibles being made in a workshop, Willy Wonka-style. Zone out on the choreographed drone show near the laser graffiti wall. This is how Las Vegas does a cannabis dispensary.


These are just a few new highlights at Planet 13, dubbed “the world’s largest” dispensary thanks to its 50-plus retail vendors, 70-plus cannabis strains, and 42 registers in the sprawling 40,000-square-foot weed superstore. (Even if the Planet 13 location in Orange County, CA, clocks in at a much larger 112,000 square feet.)

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Full-sensory retailing

If you haven’t guessed that this is a dispensary for a new generation, the selfie station in a  VW bus, smoke-filled cocktails, and Vegas-style weddings held in the store are another tip off.

It’s one more example of what people in the business are calling “immersion retailing,” or full-sensory experiences to get people off of their pandemic couches and back into stores. And it’s a driver of today’s post-COVID cannatourism boom.

Can’t get there in person yet? Check out this high-flying drone tour.

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