Frustrations Mount As New Jersey Delays Launch of Legal Cannabis Market (Again)

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While the New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association appeare to remain optimistic that the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission will “sooner rather than later open the adult-use cannabis market in New Jersey,” not everyone is feeling so philosophical.

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Curaleaf founder and chairman Boris Jordan didn’t mince words in a recent Tweet. “Frustrating day in NJ – once again the goal posts have been moved & the will of the people and the Governor is being ignored! We will continue to fight for what the NJ voters decided they want – a safe & regulated adult use cannabis marketplace!”

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Why the long wait?

In November 2020, New Jerseyans made it very clear that they wanted a safe and legal adult-use cannabis marketplace in the state. It goes without saying that no one could have foreseen that some 16 months later, we would still be waiting to see this come to fruition, noted the New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association

“When it comes down to it, it’s New Jersey’s citizens who are missing out. The adult-use market will be a huge boon to New Jersey’s economy. Additionally, this new industry is slated to create 19,000 new jobs, and taxes from a legal marketplace will support goals to promote social equity by providing economic assistance to impact zones that were disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs.”

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