Hormonal Imbalance? There’s a Strain For That

The endocrine system plays an important role in ensuring the human body has a healthy balance. It affects our mood, stress response, immunity, pain, bone growth, and many more important processes.


However, our endocannabinoid system function is also closely interlinked with the endocrine system. The use of cannabinoids can influence major hormones such as cortisol, insulin, and melatonin, which is why cannabis can be used to naturally treat hormone disorders. Symptoms of hormonal disorders or imbalances vary, though these can include weight gain, poor sleep, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and loss of libido among others.

Cannabidiol (CBD) in particular is being increasingly used for correcting hormonal imbalances among both men and women. While consumers can choose from a wide array of high-CBD products on the market, smoking continues to be among the top ways to medicate. Having said that, here are some of the best cannabis strains for hormonal imbalances.

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One of the most relaxing, anti-stress strains out there, Harlequin has long had a cult following but once you try it, you’ll easily understand why. Given its high CBD content, this is the ideal strain to help balance out hormonal issues while mitigating the possibility of getting too high from its THC content, suitable for individuals who don’t want to go to outer space while medicating.

Additionally, Harlequin is an uplifting strain, thanks to its dominant sativa genes. It’s also a potent painkiller and it has many medicinal benefits that everyone can enjoy.

This CBD-rich strain offers an excellent, well-balanced high that many love. The best chemotypes of this strain have a wonderful 60:40 sativa: indica ratio, with low THC and high CBD content. Patients suffering from hormonal imbalances will have a wonderful time medicating with Sour Tsunami at night as it can help relax you, while lulling you into a deep slumber.

Sour Tsunami is among the first cannabis strains to be famous for its CBD content, though it’s also extremely powerful for treating pain and inflammation of any kind. You can expect to feel relaxed, happy, and energetic with Sour Tsunami.

Pineapple Kush is a high THC, sativa-dominant hybrid that does an excellent job at treating mood swings, depression, and anxiety. For women who have hormonal imbalances that affect them at that time of the month will find tremendous relief from this strain.

This strain is named after its delightfully fruity pineapple taste, though some chemotypes may also have minty undertones. Keep Pineapple Kush in your medicine cabinet for those unexpected moody days when you don’t feel like doing anything.

For those who need to treat hormonal imbalances during the day and get things done, Tahoe OG Kush is highly recommended. It’s renowned for its fast-acting and potent properties, though if you want to use it for insomnia too, just smoke a little more than your usual at night.

Tahoe OG Kush has a high THC rating, so you can expect a full body high with a euphoric feel that will melt all your stresses. Many also experience the munchies with this strain which makes it suitable for people who suffer from loss of appetite due to hormone changes, stress, and mood disorders.

Jillybean is one of the most famous positive strains, known and loved for inducing a sense of happiness and well-being. This tasty sativa-dominant hybrid tastes like candy, and it’s high in THC, with up to 1% CBD. Users love it for the relaxation it offers both body and mind.

More importantly, Jillybean works well for treating stress, depression, and anxiety. The best way to make the most out of it is to medicate during the day as it can help you stay happy and positive despite what you may be going through.

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How to medicate marijuana for hormonal imbalances

Aside from smoking, marijuana can be taken in multiple ways to treat a range of hormonal disorders. There’s no right or wrong way – at the end of the day, it’s a personal choice:

Edibles: Edibles are known for their long-lasting effects which are ideal for people who struggle with chronic anxiety and depression. Its effects will be felt anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour, though it will be worth it once you feel the relief. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different kinds of edibles out there in the market. You can also choose edibles that have varying CBD and THC concentrations, and many of them also contain beneficial cannabinoids that can help hormonal imbalances.

Sublingual products: For those who need immediate relief from any symptoms of hormonal imbalances, sublingual cannabis administration is best. Sublingual products range from tablets to oils and tinctures, working within a few minutes for fast and effective results.

Topicals: Cannabis topicals provide relief to a specific area that they have been applied in. Individuals who suffer from pain, acne, or other problems that arise in certain parts of the body as a result of hormonal imbalances can benefit from the localized relief offered by topicals. They come in a wide range of choices such as ointments, creams, lotions, and balms.

Concentrates: For those looking for the most powerful CBD relief out there, give CBD concentrates a try. These special products contain unparalleled amounts of CBD, allowing you to get a much higher dose with a smaller amount, hence the name concentrates. These are especially recommended for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and severe insomnia because they are strong and its results last for hours.

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