Introducing the National Cannabis Party, Ready to Impact Policy and Legislation

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Redman introduced the new National Cannabis Party at the recent Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCB) in New York City. The rapper co-founded the party with Sephida Artist-Mills, the current president of the group, who also spoke about the party’s plans, reported Green Market Report.

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Artis-Mills said the group is a registered political party that will create legislation and hold politicians accountable for their cannabis positions. “We’re able to impact policy and legislation…we have a bill on the table right now here in the state of New York.”

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Goals of the National Cannabis Party

Among the party’s main goals is bridging the gap between the Democrats and Republicans and to make sure that elected officials do more than jump on the cannabis train but then do nothing to help decriminalize it. Redman pointed to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) who, among others, understands and works for cannabis legalization and social equity.

Redman said that everyone knows the cannabis industry is political and that tobacco and liquor companies are trying to stall the party’s efforts, which he said was easy because there’s no unity in the marijuana space.

“We need to unify to help communities that have been affected by War On Drugs,” Redman said. “So, my biggest goal is taking it [cannabis] off of Schedule 1.”

Redman said this can be done by putting someone in the president’s chair who understands the industry. The National Cannabis Party is already endorsing Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), he added.

Redman pointed out that he was among those who supported cannabis in the early 1990s and that it is now helping children who suffer from seizures.

“The cannabis plant has over 400 components that haven’t even been discovered yet, so we might not even see it in our lifetime or even in our kid’s lifetime how much this plant can heal people,” Redman concluded. Listen to Redman and Artis-Mills in this 4-minute interview.

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