Jon Stewart Binged on Shrooms, Performed a Day Later, No Problem

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Jon Stewart, comedian, writer, producer, director, actor and former host of “The Daily Show,” recently appeared on the “Til This Day with Radio Rahim” podcast.

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During the interview, where he discussed standup, hosting and more, Stewart disclosed he used to go on week of mushroom binges and then be totally fine to go on stage – albeit not under the influence.

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It’s all about the creative process

“You sort of learn about producing something. So stand-up is very much, and I got to the point where I could do mushrooms for a week and wake up and go on stage, and to the audience, I got to be a good enough craftsman that it could forgive my imperfections to an audience,” he said.

“You start to realize there’s a more sophisticated refinery that goes on behind this. But then you continue to challenge yourself and build a different set of tools. Managing people, comedy’s a very solitary form, but what if you could marshal other resources, and manage them so that we’re all working towards the same goal,” Steward continued. “And that’s the talk show. And everything has a render time. If I want to make a graphic, if I want to do a bit, if I want to shoot it and then edit it, you start to learn all the different subsets of creating your voice.”

More about the show

With a comedic touch, Radio Rahim interviews some of the greatest thinkers, fighters and entertainers of our time, where they explore the experiences and emotional journeys that reveal the fight in each of them. Every week, a new guest interview from “Til This Day” will go live on Luminary, featuring episodes, or “chapters,” which will roll out over three consecutive days.

“When boxing – and boxing journalism – shut down during the pandemic, I had an opportunity to explore broader, more nuanced topics with colleagues and peers outside of the boxing world. It’s been an honor to get a glimpse into the minds of some of today’s greatest thinkers in candid, no-filter conversations that cover everything from life, mortality, courage, laughter and the internal fights we all face regardless of our background or circumstances in life,” said Radio Rahim.

Listen to the full episode here.

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