Marijuana Stocks To Watch For Better Trading In 2022

Marijuana Stocks To Watch As The Week Comes To A Close

As marijuana stocks reach the end of the week this past Thursday some companies saw better momentum. This slight uptick in the sector helped some marijuana stocks see better trading. Now the bigger picture is what will help duplicate this for other marijuana stocks. Especially with the majority of the sector still trading at lower levels. However, as a new year is quickly approaching this current pullback is not all negative. – MarijuanaStocks

For example with how low the sector has been, there is still time to find top marijuana stocks to buy. In all fairness, the last 10 months have been a solid buying opportunity. Still, there’s been no real increase that most shareholders and investors can capitalize on. Although there are some who have been able to make money from the volatile pops in trading in that time. As for the rest, they are all waiting for cannabis stocks to sustain more momentum.

In 2022 if the cannabis sector is able to sustain stinger momentum it could lead to a strong recovery. So in preparation for a possible rise in trading, many are keeping an eye for good buys. What many are doing to know if a company is worth the investment is due diligence. Because of how badly affected marijuana stocks were in the downtrend many are not using trading charts as they used to. A good amount of marijuana stock investors are using companies overall success and progress. For example, is company shows good earnings and is profitable even in a down market. What this shows is the potential that the company stands a good chance at seeing a bounce when the time comes.

Marijuana Stocks Are Heading Into A New Year Of Trading

For others who have trouble showing food financials and progress may be tough to call a buy. However, with the current drop, the risk is minimal. This is in comparison to early 2021 when the sector was trading at a higher average creating more risk if investors took a loss. Nevertheless, there is a big hope for the future trading of marijuana stocks. As well as the cannabis industry overall. From possible new legal states and the eventual ending of cannabis prohibition, there is much in-stored for 2022. The marijuana stocks below are ones to watch before the start of the new year.

Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now In Mid December

  1. Verano Holdings Corp. (OTC:VRNOF)
  2. Cresco Labs Inc. (OTC:CRLBF)

Verano Holdings Corp.

Verano Holdings Corp. operates as a vertically-integrated multi-state cannabis operator in the United States. The company produces and sells a suite of cannabis products under the portfolio of consumer brands, including Encore, Avexia, MÜV, and Verano. Back on December 9th, the company made an announcement. At this time Verano announced the opening of MÜV Open MÜV Orange Park Dispensary.


This makes for Verano’s Third Jacksonville Area Location and 40th Florida Storefront Statewide. Orange Park is the 11th MÜV dispensary to open in 2021, which is also growing the company’s footprint. In addition to now having a total of 92 locations nationwide.

Words From The Company

“We’re thrilled to open another convenient MÜV dispensary to serve our suite of high-quality cannabis therapeutics to the growing Jacksonville medical cannabis community,” said John Tipton, President of Verano. “With three Jacksonville area MÜV dispensaries and local delivery service, we’re pleased to offer enhanced patient accessibility and convenience to the region’s rising population. We look forward to serving the Orange Park community and Jacksonville area patients with our assortment of premium cannabis products.”

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Cresco Labs Inc.

Cresco Labs Inc. together with its subsidiaries cultivates, manufactures, and sells retail and medical cannabis products in the United States. In recent news, the company has announced it’s completed its acquisition of Laurel Harvest. The company Laurel Harvest Labs, LLC is is a Pennsylvania Clinical Registrant. This acquisition is one operational dispensary with licensing to open five additional dispensaries.

Cresco Labs

In addition to 2,000 sq. ft. of cultivation. Other highlights of this transaction include an operational dispensary in Montgomeryville. As well as a second dispensary in Scranton is currently under construction. In addition to now having the ability to open an additional four dispensaries throughout the state.

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Words From The CEO

“Between the acquisition of Laurel Harvest and the previously closed Cure Penn acquisition, we are executing our strategy of strategic breadth and depth, focused on the most important states, and positioning ourselves to capitalize on the eventual expansion of the cannabis program in Pennsylvania,” said Charlie Bachtell, Cresco Labs’ CEO & Co-founder. “We are tailoring our strategy to the unique dynamics of each state to maintain our leading market position and increase profitability.

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