Meet Two Asian-American CEOs Blazing New Paths in Cannabis

Cannabis has been used in Asian medicine for centuries, but the plant still carries stigmas leftover from the Opium Wars.

Courtesy of Judy Yee and Eunice Kim

This may explain partly why so few Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have come out of the cannabis closet to admit to using weed—let alone to run cannabis companies.

But this week’s Green Entrepreneur Podcast guests, Eunice Kim and Judy Yee, have dared to go where many are afraid to travel. Both green entrepreneurs run successful cannabis companies and actively support others in the community to do the same. 

Eunice is the L.A.-based founder and chief executive of the online cannabis education platform HiVi, a digital cannabis product that matches people to the right cannabis products, Judy Yee is co-founder and CEO of K-Zen, a cannabis-infused beverage company.

On the podcast and in honor of Asian-American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month, Eunice and Judy talk candidly about why they got into the business despite resistance and judgment, how cannabis has impacted their lives, and their advice to other Asian-American and Pacific Islanders thinking about getting into the business. 



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