Nationwide Marijuana Laws In The USA Will Be Set In Place In 2022

New Cannabis Laws In Legel Sates Will Take Effect On January 1st

With a new year set to begin 2022 is gearing up to be a progressive time in the cannabis industry. With 2021 soon to end many legal states across the US are almost ready to enact policy changes. These new laws will be put into action as of January 1st. This is ranging from the sale of retail marijuana in Montana and medical marijuana in Louisianan. As of the start of 2022 businesses, legislators and advocates will witness new policies become active. – MarijuanaStocks

With marijuana stocks not having the best year outside of the market a lot of success and growth has occurred. As well as the above-mentioned new state-level cannabis laws soon to go into effect. This has been what many are talking about in regards to the progress that will take place this upcoming year. Which has also allowed others to take advantage of how low some of these cannabis stocks have fallen.

To which with these new policy changes could help see a more efficient nationwide cannabis industry. Which may help see an increase in how the sector may perform. Nevertheless, there is a lot of anticipation for this upcoming new year. Below we will go over some of these new policy changes. In addition to the states that have enacted them.


As of January 1st Montana will now service those 21 years and up or retail cannabis sales. This comes as back in 2020 voters passed a bill. Along with the work of legislators to complete regulations for the program. Those of legal age will have the ability to buy up to 28 grams of marijuana at one time. Now those cannabis products will have a 20 percent tax.

As well as some local jurisdictions that will be adding a small 3 percent tax on top. This bill was signed by Gov. Greg Gianforte back in March once voters approved the legislation. With his signature, this implemented the bill back in 2021. A legislative committee then consented to the regulations for the adult-use program earlier this month.


Leading legislators in Louisiana passed various marijuana bills during the
the 2021 session. This contained one bill to decriminalize marijuana that took effect in August. Following this, another new law will be active on January 1. This bill would considerably grow Louisiana’s promoting medical cannabis program. This would be done by giving patients access to flower marijuana products. As it currently stands, patients are able to vaporize cannabis preparations via a “metered-dose inhaler.

Louisiana Cannabis Bill

However, they are not able to access whole-plant flowers, and smoking is not permitted. An attempt in Congress to enact a proposal to legalize recreational cannabis was cut short in the House this session. This came after the chamber failed to advance a complementary measure on taxing adult-use marijuana. Gov. John Bel Edwards mentioned back in May, however, that he believes the reform “is going to happen in Louisiana eventually.”


The Governor of California Gavin Newsom penned his name on a bill in September. To which this cannabis bill would require hospitals to permit medical marijuana for particular patients who need it. This new law will go into effect on New Year’s Day. The bill is being backed and sponsored by Sen. Ben Hueso. Furthermore, Sen.Hueso has been advocating for his bill to allow the use of cannabis in medical facilities.

Which would be for terminally ill patients over multiple sessions. Newsom vetoed a prior version out of concern about potential federal repercussions. Which was aimed at medical institutions that permitted such consumption, Yet those worries were evidently satisfied. An influential marijuana support collation recently started to make sure medical facilities are prepared for the new law.


As of New Year’s day, Colorado medical marijuana patients will be restricted with cannabis sales. Meaning patients are able to purchase only up to eight grams of concentrate in one day. The limit once before was 40 grams of concentrate daily. The law taking effect symbolizes one of the most important changes to Colorado’s medical cannabis program since its passing. The goal of this change is to set up in a way that would discourage people from using high THC products.

A patient will be able to purchase more than the daily limit if a doctor approves that it’s medically essential. In addition to them having a designated primary dispensary to get the medicine. Dispensaries will also now have to provide educational content to patients. This includes a booklet that will be passed out at the time of sale.

This will be done to supply direction and caution about the use of marijuana concentrates. Additionally, medical cannabis businesses are not allowed to market cannabis directly to people aged 18 to 20. Plus any advertising for concentrates will have to contain a warning about the risks of overusing concentrates.

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Starting the 1st of January 2 cannabis bills will be put into effect in Arkansas. The initial bill will permit out-of-state medical marijuana patients to access the state’s program. This will allow out-of-state patients the right to buy cannabis for up to 3 months.


The second bill will make it so physicians can administer medical marijuana recommendations through telehealth services. Still, there are several measures underway in Arkansas. The reason for this is to place the question of cannabis legalization before voters on the 2022 ballot.

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As of the first day of 2022, numerous employers will no longer be able to demand applicants be tested for marijuana. Which was once needed as a requirement of their employment. The local guideline as of now is similar to regulations that are in place in New York. This is being enforced as Philadelphia legislators work to pass other cannabis reforms.

This will include legalization, in Pennsylvania. There are exceptions to the new policy, however, for law enforcement and personnel. As well as people with a commercial driving license and those caring for medical patients, children. Along with people with disabilities. Philadelphia voters separately approved a ballot referendum last month that urges state lawmakers to enact legalization.

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