NBA Players Union to Partner with CBD Line

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The National Basketball Association Players Association (NBPA) recently announced they’ve taken a step beyond simply endorsing the use of CBD for health and wellness. The organization has partnered with Re+Play, a company owned by former NBA player Al Harrington, to promote his CBD products.

The new partnership will result in Re+Play products, which include hemp-derived creams, oils, and capsules, becoming available online from Amazon and Walmart.

In a press release about the partnership, Harrington said his company’s products help people “recover like a pro.” Says Harrington: “We are excited to once again reimagine how we help athletes of all levels recover from pain with CBD and other innovative technology.” he said.

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An outspoken activist for weed

Harrington played in the NBA from 1998 to 2014 for seven different teams, with the longest stretch coming with the Indiana Pacers. Since his retirement, he’s stayed active in attempting to convince sports leagues of the health potential of cannabis.

He has worked with other celebrities, including Drake and Killer Mike, to advocate for pardons for nonviolent cannabis offenders. The group sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking for a general pardon for “all persons subject to federal criminal or civil enforcement on the basis of a nonviolent marijuana offense.”

For the partnership with NBPA, his company will provide “recovery-promoting technology” that includes topicals, kinesiology tape, massage guns, and naturally infused-pain products.

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Focus on muscle recovery

The first product from the partnership is a line of formulated recovery creams, developed in a partnership with Avicanna, a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on plant-derived cannabinoid-based products. The cream improves muscle recovery. Re+Play developed the product at the Johnson & Johnson innovation center.

The product is available from the Re+Play site and through the Replay Recovery Store at and

While the players’ association is separate from the league itself, it seems appropriate that NBA players have made the strongest move into the cannabis market. Players have long advocated for the use of cannabis for athletes, including current star Kevin Durant and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Former All-Star Dwyane Wade also launched his own cannabis line in 2021.

The league itself also stopped punishing players for cannabis use.

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