New Survey Explores Buyer Habits

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Jointly, an experience-based cannabis product rating platform that matches cannabis consumers with tailored products, released data supporting their “Theory of Purposeful Cannabis Consumption” which posits that cannabis, consumed purposefully, can be a partner in people’s wellbeing (for people 21 and over).


The study included interesting insights on the average cannabis buyer and experience.

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Purposeful consumption

Cannabis enthusiasts use the platform to reflect on their experiences to reveal insights that help them find cannabis products, news, and experiences.

“The data is from more than 200,000 unique cannabis experiences that consumers have documented on the Jointly platform,” Jointly stated in a press release on Thursday.

“We know that cannabis makes you more, not less. By building the industry’s first experience-based platform for purposeful consumption, we have the data to prove it,” said David Kooi, CEO, and co-founder of Jointly. “The Theory is a framework to free the modern cannabis consumer to pursue the better life possible through purposeful consumption, without guilt or prejudice, and armed with data.

“The data make it clear that cannabis, consumed purposefully, can be a partner in your wellbeing,” Kooi said.

In the press release, Jointly noted its data echoes a 2022 Harris Poll, which indicated that 91% of US adult cannabis consumers report using cannabis for health and wellness purposes.

Why do people consume cannabis?

Jointly’s data show that product choice impacts the effectiveness of a cannabis experience by 40-57%, and, that people use cannabis for many different productive purposes.

Jointly users choose to relax & refresh (22%), relieve everyday stress (19%), improve sleep (11%), energize & uplift (10%), ease everyday pain (9%), enjoy social experiences (7%), focus & create (7%), stimulate appetite (6%), enhance intimacy (3%), and recover from exercise (3%).

“This data is supported by a 2022 survey, in which consumers cited similar reasons for their consumption,” the firm stated.

Jointly’s data shows that different people have different experiences with the same product, but that certain products perform better in statistically significant ways. “people, on average, rate the effectiveness of their experience at 6.75 out of 10.”

“Data from Jointly show that factors like setting, exercise, hydration, diet, and sleep impact the effectiveness of consumer experience by 40-50%. By refining these factors, people become more likely to rate their experience a 9 or a 10.” concluded Jointly’s study.

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