Omiwhat? Live Events are Back and Legal Cannabis is Right There with Them

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Cannabis has always had a presence at live events. But while it has historically existed in hasty, often hidden puffs, we are now on the precipice of integrating legal cannabis into many of our favorite concerts. 

As states across the country continue to recognize the social, cultural, and economic benefits of legalizing cannabis in their communities, normalization continues to evolve. With this evolution comes an opportunity to destigmatize the plant at scale.

But doing so is not without its challenges. Only a handful of states have event regulations, and various laws governing commercial cannabis activity do not transition seamlessly into a live event environment. That is where a partnership with venues, promoters, local communities, and regulatory agencies is critical. 

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Outside Lands breaks new ground

Outside Lands 2021, a three-day music and cultural event with experiential cannabis activations, is just one example of an event where dozens of brands and tens of thousands of festival-goers had the opportunity to explore and enjoy legal California cannabis. It was an incredible moment to see the worlds of music and cannabis collide after nearly two years of living event-free.

From working with jurisdictions to develop local events policy to executing boots-on-the-ground operations, the cannabis concessions model is primed to scale for events in all shapes and sizes. Given all of the advertising and marketing restrictions cannabis brands face, this also provides an unparalleled opportunity for brand exposure and direct consumer engagement. 

With the optimism of a new year on the horizon, I’m excited to be living during a time where cannabis concessions models can exist and to have the opportunity to work with communities, the government, and the event industry to bring safe, legal cannabis to mainstream events in an impactful and effective way. From concerts to comedy shows (and anywhere else people come together to enjoy cultural moments collectively), the possibilities are endless, and we’re ready to pave the way together.

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