Seth Rogen Gets Rolled For New Line of Drippy, Trippy Vases

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Actor, cannabis brand owner, and famous stoner Seth Rogen has a new line of pottery, and it looks like something every pot smoker has seen at least one time in their life: A drippy wax-covered candle that looks like someone hit the really good stuff and played with fire for a couple hours.

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One of the first finished pieces was a vase coated in bright red and mustard-yellow drips. The kind of thing you’d expect to find in a guy’s dorm room circa 1986. It’s definitely not the streamlined, clean look of his other pottery available on Houseplant Home – like this $95 ashtray set or the rolling tray that sold out around the holidays – the “house” arm of the Houseplant cannabis company he started with with buddy and creative partner Evan Goldberg and CEO Michael “Mikey” Mohr.

The candles aren’t sold on Houseplant as of yet, but it seems only a matter of time.

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Pot pottery deserves the spotlight

Rogen recently told Sunset magazine that his goal with his Houseplant home goods, especially his pottery, is to bring his cannabis-inspired creations to the spotlight, where they deserve to glow. 

“For so long, weed has lived under your coffee table, in your sock drawer, or hidden someplace else, and I don’t think it deserves tha,” the actor and artist said. “With Houseplant, we wanted to create innovative products that people could proudly display in their homes. We are really trying to consider people who appreciate weed and the positive effect it can have on people’s lives in a way that they have not considered before.”

On Instagram, he said he and wife Lauren Rogen, are now making these drippy, trippy candles and orbs out of their ceramics. “And not a g***dam f**king thing can stop us.”

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Everyone’s a critic

While the new vases and candles got mostly raves – because, come on, they are pretty cool – social media had a field day when Rogen released the photo of his latest handiwork with the line, “I made this vase.” People said it looked like everything from melted Starbursts to Flaming Hot Cheetos-inspired something to a ketchup and mustard-covered corndog.

Here are some of the funnier translations culled from Twitter.

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