Seth Rogen Wants to Remedy That

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Weed smokers are generally in two camps: They can either roll a joint as well as Seth Rogen, or they can buy one that’s rolled as well as he rolls it. Rogen, and his cannabis company Houseplant, are counting on the latter.

According to the Hollywood multi-hyphenate and cannabis advocate and entrepreneur, there’s really no better way to show how not to roll a joint than to show some really, really bad ones. At least that’s what he Tweeted the other day.

“Right now somewhere in the world good weed is being rolled into a bad joint,” started a video showing some pretty pathetic attempts at a joint. “Some are worse than others. But they, just like you, deserve better.”

The photos are painful to look at.

A voiceover by Rogen finally kicks in to explain that Houseplant now has pre-rolled joints available in California (only for now) rolled “exactly” like the ones he rolls at home using the same “high-quality flower” found in the brand’s tins.

They come in the Pancake Ice, Pulse Storm, Ice Fog, Strawberry Moon, and Pink Moon strains, made with organic, unbleached rice papers and craft paper crutches. Each tin also comes with a small box of Houseplant matches.

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“Because your weed deserves better.”

Rogen isn’t the only famous face who believes in the power of a good pre-rolled joint. Justin Bieber jumped into the fray with his Peaches prerolls. Jay-Z has his Loosies. Mike Tyson’s Tyson 2.0, Willie Nelson Willie’s Reserve, and several other celebrity sports, music, and entertainment stars backing cannabis brands sell the machine-rolled joints, as well.

For a long time, a pre-rolled joint, while convenient, was often seen as a throwaway item. For the brands, it was an inexpensive way of using up leftover shake. For the consumer, they were often cheap, super accessible, and made smoking way easier on the go. Some dispensaries still give them out for free with a purchase.

But with the growing popularity of prerolls — especially with Gen Z consumers — cannabis brands are upping their game both in what they’re putting into the joints and how they package them. Quality flower is often used (although sometimes along with shake) and better papers. Some are infused with concentrates. And branding is important, with packages made of everything from slick paper boxes to brightly colored tins.

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The future is bright for pre-rolled joints

Sales for pre-rolled products were up more than 50 percent in 2020, with similar up-trending numbers in 2021, according to MJ Biz Daily. And more specifically, cannabis data company Headset found that infused prerolls, those applied with concentrates or cannabis oil to flower to soup up their potency, are gaining the most popularity, even eeking out edibles in sales growth.

“The sales share of these products within the preroll category has been steadily rising over the last several years, reaching nearly 50% of all preroll sales by the end of 2021,” said Headset’s senior data analyst Cooper Ashley.

Most importantly, the convenience of a pre-rolled joint has attracted the under 35 set, a growing demographic for all cannabis sales nationally. And with more and more cannabis lounges opening up around the country, some with menus and tableside service, prerolls make single-serve much easier.

It’s safe to say: Prerolls are here to stay, whether you love ’em or hate ’em.

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