Take a Tour Through Seth Rogen’s Weed Palace

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Architectural Digest, the monthly magazine founded in 1920 and focused on interior design and landscaping, hosts a popular online video series called “Open Door,” which provides readers with an in-depth look at the unique homes of various prominent celebrities and public figures.

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This week AD featured the headquarters of Houseplant, a cannabis and lifestyle company co-founded by the talented artist, comedian and filmmaker Seth Rogen.

Houseplant operates in a 1918-built Los Angeles bungalow. ”A lot of our products are home goods. We found that being able to see them in a home setting was invaluable,” Rogen told AD.

Rogen explained how he came up with the design of a lamp with a built-in ashtray. “For years and years, I would look at an ashtray and a lamp sitting on my desk side by side. Two different things,” Rogen said. “And I thought, What if it was one thing?” 100% stoner creativity.

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Ashtrays and more ashtrays

The artist showed his many ashtrays including vintage, hedgehog, glass and gloopy ashtrays in the bungalow where he and his team can relax and test their products. ”I take everything home with me for months and months and months, and I use it to death,” Rogen said, explaining that cleanability is one of the most important aspects of a Houseplant product. “I actually use my ashtrays all the time, and having them be cleanable is something we probably talk about more than almost anything. Ad nauseam,” Rogen added and noted he and the Houseplant team “have one of the largest vintage ashtray collections in the world.”

“A lot of them are Italian. Not surprisingly, Italians leaned into smoking with style,” Rogen said. “With the rise of weed and people smoking it more, ashtray ingenuity is on the rise once again.”

Mentorship program for cannabis entrepreneurs

In its brand-building race, Rogen and Houseplant support cannabis law reform organizations like the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

In March, Rogen’s company launched a mentorship program aimed at those most affected by the criminalization of marijuana. The application details that entrepreneurs will gain “intimate access to the Houseplant team, as well as the company’s extensive network of advisors and industry leaders.”

The program is free, lasts six months and is open to start-up companies -either cannabis or ancillary. Participants are expected to dedicate between 5 and 10 hours per month. The application period is open until May 1, 2022 and you can HERE.

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