The Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy? 2 To Watch For Better Trading

2 Top Marijuana Stocks For Your December Watchlist

A bulk of marijuana stocks have started to once again trade down in the market. Before this current pull back the first 2 weeks of November marijuana stocks were starting to recover. Now as most know this drop is due to all the issues with passing federal cannabis reform. In addition to earnings being released at the start of the month, the sector was picking up momentum. These first 10-14 days gave investors a chance to make some profit. And once things began to pull back they were able to purchase the dips for the next run. – MarijuanaStocks

The concern about marijuana stocks is when will they rise again. Many feel that once cannabis prohibition is over it possible that the sector will recover once more. Now to be clear this potential increase in trading is not a guarantee. However, in the last several months any positive news about federal reform causes pot stocks to climb.

Another worry is once the reform is passed what will help bring the sector back up if it falls again. It’s not that marijuana stocks don’t see volatile price swings but in the last 9 months, the sector has lacked in upward consistency. Nevertheless, a good amount of investors are anticipating another recovery in the near future. With a possible rise in trading now is another chance to find the best marijuana stocks to buy in 2021.

Marijuana Stocks Investors And Market Volatility

Cannabis stocks trade in an unpredictable market meaning things can change without warning. This volatility can be unforgiving if you are not careful. This is why it’s always best to learn as much as you can before investing and trading. By understanding the sector and acquiring info about each company it will help mitigate the risk involved. Yet even with good research investing is always a risk to which big rewards can be made. The marijuana stocks we will cover are just a few options to keep an eye on in December.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now In 2021

  1. Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GDNSF)
  2. Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:NEPT)

Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc.

Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc. operates as a physician-led cannabis company in the United States. It cultivates cannabis; manufactures pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts; and sells its products through its network. In recent developments, the company announced the closing of a recent acquisition. The company purchased Charm City Medicus dispensary in Baltimore Maryland. The transaction was finalized on November 19, 2021. The transaction was completed after the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission granted final approval.  Goodness GDNSF

Which was for the transfer of the medical cannabis dispensary license. The dispensary will be rebranded to Green Goods Baltimore. This is being done to align the location with the Company’s national retail dispensary brand, Green Goods®. Goodness Growth now operates 18 dispensaries across the country. As the company furthers its footprint in the cannabis industry Goodned Growth shows to be in a promising spot for future growth.

Words From The Company

“We have been looking forward to closing this transaction and growing our retail market share in Maryland’s medical cannabis market. We are excited to introduce our Green Goods™ dispensary brand to the Baltimore area,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Kingsley, M.D. “With our recent new brand launches and initiatives to expand cultivation and processing capacity in Maryland, we’re in an excellent position to continue growing our wholesale and retail sales in the state as our manufacturing capabilities enable us to offer the full spectrum of cannabis products to patients.”

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Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.

Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. operates as an integrated health and wellness company. It builds a portfolio of lifestyle brands and consumer packaged goods products. The company offers turnkey product development and supply chain solutions. Mainly to business customers in various health and wellness verticals, such as legal cannabis and hemp. Back on the 23rd of November Neptune made a company update. At this time its subsidiary, Sprout Foods, Inc., has relaunched its website: NEPT Stock

The new site provides a direct line for purchase with consumers via e-commerce. Also, it showcases a new look and feels for the Sprout brand. Which is carried over into packaging, an updated logo, and a reset of the brand’s tone and voice. As the company continues to show more progress more people are taking notice. This is allowing more people to feel more content with the possibility of investing in this marijuana stock.

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Words From The CEO

“We believe refreshing our Sprout brand, relaunching the Sprout website and developing a seamless DTC platform is essential as we scale and prepare for a fully integrated DTC campaign in the first half of 2022. The new branding brings a cohesive look and feel across each of our product lines – from pouches to snacks to meals – enabling Sprout to have better brand recognition among consumers and further grow brand awareness,” said Capp Culver, CEO, Sprout Foods.

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