The Best Strain For Creating Music, According to One Producer

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Multi-platinum producer, and cannabis and psychedelic advocate for trauma healing, Jonathan Hay recruited “Love & Hip-Hop” star Solo Lucci for “Marvins Room (Reimagined as Nu Jazz)”.


Recorded in Dallas, Texas, the Drake reimagined track falls under the nu jazz genre, which blends elements of jazz and house music. With the song strategically released during LGBT Pride month, executive producer Daniella Carter, a trans activist, wants to bring awareness to Texas Anti-Trans Laws and how it’s deeply disrupting and hurting the marginalized trans community.

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The cannabis connection

“My main agenda with making music is using the sound vibration and energy to help bring awareness to social issues ranging from LGBTQ inclusion to cannabis legislation, where under Federal law, use of marijuana is still illegal in Texas,” Hay told Benzinga. “It’s truly serendipitous that I’ve been constantly burning the Afghani Bullrider strain during the recording process of this song and entire album, unaware that Drake is involved in a cannabis company called Bullrider with OVO co-founder Noah ’40’ Shebib.”

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More about the song

Drake’s original recording of “Marvins Room” was released 11 years ago this month and received global acclaim by music critics such as Ann Powers of NPR, who said the track “taps into the magnetic but dangerous spirit of [Marvin] Gaye: not only his seduction skills, but his self-doubt, the vulnerability that made his music so profound and which eventually derailed him.

Recording artist and TV personality Solo Lucci commented, “We have a tastefully, mesmerizing jazz and house rendition of a classic.”

“Marvins Room (Drake Reimagined)” is part of the forthcoming album; “Wish You Were Jazz,” which will be released by the famous Fat Beats Records. In the album, record producer Jonathan Hay looks to reclaim the top of the Billboard Jazz charts, after hitting the #1 spot on the Billboard charts with his album “Follow the Leader Reimagined As Jazz,” a collaborative album with iconic rap group Eric B. & Rakim.

Last year, award-winning journalist Dawn Ennis also wrote for Forbes about Hay’s “Nirvana Reimagined” project with a Trans Twist. The Vinyl LP for “Nirvana Reimagined” is being released this year through Fat Beats Records to all mom-and-pop and major retail record stores worldwide, where it’s expected to chart on the Billboard Vinyl Album chart.

“Marvins Room Reimagined” was a team effort that included collaborators Justin Boller from Breikthru, King Fraizer the Hellraizer, Matt Berman, 41x, Dani Darko and DieLog.

Check out the song here.

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