The Blues Brothers Launch Their Own “Working Man” Weed Brand

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Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi continue to successfully expand their unique The Blues Brothers cannabis brand into new markets. The most recent came in Oklahoma, where medical marijuana is growing in popularity.

In retrospect, the pair’s move into cannabis seems like a no-brainer. The two bring a passion for how cannabis can benefit people. Jim Belushi runs a successful cannabis farm in Oregon and stars in a television show about it. And they both bring a sense of fun to the business.

Case in point: a recent appearance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to promote their cannabis. The two signed autographs, posed for pictures with fans, and (of course) performed some classic Blues Brothers’ tunes.

Aykroyd and Belushi will work with Oklahoma’s Glazed Edibles and Red-Bird Bioscience on developing a line of cannabis products.

“We believe that cannabis is one of the great, great medicines that can lead to a pathway of healing,” Belushi said. He then quoted a line from the original Blues Brothers movie: “We’re on a mission from God.”

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Still popular after all these years

The original “Blues Brothers” movie came out in 1980 and has remained popular ever since. It starred Aykroyd and John Belushi, who died in 1982. Jim, his younger brother, later began working with Aykroyd, taking on the role of “Mighty Mack” McTeer.

Aykroyd and John Belushi developed the 1980 movie, directed by John Landis, based on characters they created on “Saturday Night Live.” It remains one of the most famous and successful transfers of an SNL sketch to the big screen.



Over the years, Jim Belushi has moved into the cannabis business, running a successful cannabis farm in Oregon. The farm, which provides the location for the reality TV series, “Growing Belushi,” is where he developed Blues Brothers Working Man’s Brand

“We will live up to the 10 star, quadruple A reputation for professionalism and consumer satisfaction that John and Dan established internationally over four decades ago,” Belushi says.

In addition to Oklahoma, the brand will be sold at a dispensary in Skokie, Ill., where much of the original “Blues Brother” movie was filmed.

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A strong passion for the plant

Dan Aykroyd has spoken many times about his belief in marijuana’s benefits.

“There really is something here that helps,” Aykroyd said in Oklahoma, adding his father used CBD at the age of 96 to sleep better. He also spoke about cannabis on the “Belushi Farms” show, saying, “more and more people come to me, and they tell me stories about how cannabis has helped with pain, with troubles psychological and physical. Cannabis does heal!”

Belushi said that cannabis is “part of a crusade, and it’s a lot of fun in Oklahoma.” He then added, “And we are also capitalists and entrepreneurs.”

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