There’s Now an iPhone App That Tracks Psychedelics and Cannabis Microdosing

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Research on microdosing is still emerging, but the trend is picking up momentum as a means of tapping into creativity, focus and elevated mood. Even before mainstream appearances like Michael Pollan’s ‘How To Change Your Mind’ and the star-studded series “Twelve Perfect Strangers,” a 2018 survey found that 17% of people were either currently microdosing or had tried in the past.

Now, a new microdosing app has launched for Apple iPhone users to make the practice easy and accessible for the millions of people who are already microdosing or are curious about microdosing.

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Houston: We have no problem

Meet Houston, a guide, companion and journal for microdosing. Based on each user’s selected dosing schedule and substance, including cannabis, notifications prompt users to log doses and set intentions while following up with mood tracking and journaling.

The Dose Day Radio feature delivers a curated Spotify playlist based on the user’s intention.

A whole trip

Previously at Field Trip Health, Houston founder Brandon Goode believes that microdosing will be a key entry point into psychedelic wellness for new, diverse audiences. His app can serve as an accessible gateway to these tools, widely reported to improve well-being, performance and mood.

“There’s still so much to learn about microdosing, but what we do know is that when it comes to dose measurements, substance, and frequency, everyone is slightly different,” Goode told Benzinga. “There is no ‘right way’, so combining best practices while empowering a person’s own journey is what we’re all about. Thus, Houston is a companion for people to explore ‘inner space’ and understand what works for them.

“Additionally, if we can help legitimize microdosing and make it more approachable, we can appeal to a wider variety of people who have not been as comfortable with psychedelics, or whose needs have not yet been addressed in the current field of research and legalization efforts,” Goode concluded.

Houston can be downloaded in the App Store here.

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