They urge for fair legislation to boost the cannabis industry

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“Mexico has made great progress in legislative processes not only in medicinal hemp but also in industrial hemp and recreational use. We see that there is a lot of interest on the part of national and international companies and investors in this emerging industry in Mexico; for this reason, we must work at an accelerated pace in terms of Mexican legislation so as not to miss opportunities, “said Lorena Beltrán, CEO and founder of CannabiSalud .

This urgency for more transparent laws and in accordance with the Mexican reality, would allow Mexico to be in the Top 5 of the Latin American countries in the Cannabis industry. According to the latest Global Cannabis Report from New Frontier Data, today the region offers unique opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs, with a five-year vision of significant growth in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, followed by the emergence of a strong hemp sector in Argentina and countless new policy initiatives throughout the region. “If the Mexican Senate passes the bill for adult use during the current legislative period, Latin America will jump to the forefront of the global industry,” the study highlights.

According to Lorena Beltrán, ignorance and misinformation is what has hindered progress in legislation; as well as the lack of agreements between the different players in all areas and government institutions, the lack of communication between government groups and the transition from the black market to the legalized market. “It has taken us years to understand this industry and when a little understanding is achieved, there are changes at all levels, so the road has not been easy and it has taken time.

“At CannabiSalud we fight for the cannabis industry to be inclusive and fair for Mexico, because it is an industry for the country. It should not be seen as an industry that only benefits a few who can buy licenses. We are facing an enormous opportunity to reactivate the field, to generate jobs. Without a cannabis plant, there is no industry, ”said the CEO.

Courtesy: Cannabis Salud

Beltrán asserted that Mexico has a strong cannabis tourism market, which represents a significant sales opportunity; He recalled that –as highlighted by various analyzes– the Mexican cannabis market represents billions of pesos, but that its size and potential will be dictated by the country’s final regulations.

As part of the initiatives carried out by CannabiSalud to inform about the cannabis industry, the CannabiSalud Business & Investment Summit will be held from 18 to 20, in Playa Mujeres, Cancun. International and national exhibitors participate in this forum to talk about trends in the cannabis industry, regulation in Mexico, medicinal products and benefits for patients, the evolution of the recreational market, marketing in the industry, application and opportunities for the industry niche, as well like the role of women in the sector.

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