Want to Roll a Perfect Joint? These 6 Things Will Help

The majority of weed users love a joint. It’s a classic for a reason. Joints are convenient and simple, only requiring and some rolling paper. Still, rolling a joint isn’t always easy, requiring the right tools and some dexterity that only comes with practice.

A decent joint should have some sort of filter and should burn evenly, ensuring that it’s a pleasant experience where the weed tastes pleasant and no parts go to waste. Here are 6 tips that can help you roll a perfect joint.

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Gather your tools

Before you start, get all of your tools out in a space that’s clean with no dust or clutter. Put your grinder, rolling papers, filters, and a pen nearby, and designate a small section of space for your rolling. A small tray or a clean book cover will help you keep things clean and reduce weed loss.

Start off small

If you’re rolling your first joint, be sure to purchase normal-sized rolling papers and grab manageable amounts of marijuana. Half a gram or a couple of pinches should be enough; it’s better for your joint to be small and well-distributed than something that’s too big and breaks down mid-smoke.

Get to work

Grind your cannabis and place it somewhere accessible, so when you’re packing the joint you won’t run out of hands. Place a filter at one end of the rolling paper, making a cone shape so that it doesn’t fall out. You can buy filters or make them from scratch by folding a piece of cardboard or a business card. A filter is important since it gives you some stability and prevents you from burning your fingers once you’ve smoked down the joint.

Add pinches of weed to your rolling paper, distributing it evenly with your finger. Pick up any bits of weed that fall off into the tray or book cover underneath you and put them back in the joint.

Start rolling

Lastly, start rolling the joint; this step takes some practice but the best way to do it is to pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth until it gets its joint shape. Tuck the unglued part of the paper into the roll and lick the edge that has glue, pasting it to the roll. (Make sure to moisten all the glue you can so that your joint stays glued throughout your smoke session.) Use a pen to pack the open end of the joint, pressing it gently in. Twirl that tip of the joint and you’re ready to go.

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Other options

Rolling joints is a skill, one that a lot of people might not have the patience for. Luckily, in this day and age, there’s no need for everyone to be an expert joint roller. You can purchase pre-rolled joints while you train.

Extras that will add to your experience

A rolling tray is not necessary, but once you use one you’ll never go back. There’s something incredibly comfy about rolling trays, preventing messes, and keeping everything at hand. Don’t use your tray to dispose of your ashes; get an ashtray too.

You should also invest in a good torch or lighter. While your average Bic lighter will get the job done, a lighter or a torch that’s worth a few bucks will last for longer and you’ll likely care for it more and know where it is. A portable torch is also great for lighting joints on the go, with there being no need to cup the lighter in order to protect the flame from the wind.

A rolling machine is can also cut a lot of the stress from your life, delivering perfect joints in seconds.

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