Where to Smoke Pot in Spain

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The cannabis scene is thriving in Spain thanks to social clubs creating a subculture centered on good times, socializing, and El Planteo.


But hold up, isn’t cannabis illegal in Spain?

That’s complicated. Yes, it is technically against the law to sell the plant, but cannabis is decriminalized, meaning venues can collectively grow and distribute it to registered members

Enter CRTFD. Located in the heart of the city five minutes from the famous Cathedral of Barcelona, the club was created by the Los Angeles-based clothing, cannabis, and lifestyle brand.

“We chose Barcelona as we feel it is the cannabis hub of Europe and the environment and energy resemble that of California,” says creative director Seti.

Think of the scene as Melrose Avenida. Vibrant custom murals from top street artists cover the walls, and the creative energy of the space is always humming with hipsters.

Club CRTFD’s Creative Director @soklak created this colorful, abstract mural and some of the other works covering the cannabis club’s walls.

As for the cannabis offerings, they would make Amsterdam green with envy. With CRTFD’s team embedded in the LA subculture, they put authenticity and high-quality front and center.

Club CRTFD is located at Carrer de Gombau, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain, and can be reached by calling +34 932 52 81 85.

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