You Might Know How to Roll Joint, But Can You Roll a Tulip or a Triple Joint?

The art of rolling joints has gone sour on many as they are just used to rolling basic joints to start smoking as soon as possible. Though we all want to enjoy the cannabis goodness quickly, the excitement of an artistic joint should not be lost. Some cannabis users however only make basic joints because that is all they know. Well, not to worry. In this article, we will be explaining multiple ways to roll artistic and crazy joints.

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Common Artistic Joints

Like any quality skill out there, it takes practice and time to perfect the art of rolling a goof joint. It is a beautiful process that has some degree of technique to it which is why many consider it an art. The process is easy to learn and once that is done one can easily be dynamic in what they do. For any cannabis enthusiast seeking to delve into rolling artistic joints, you must know the basics. The knowledge of how to roll a simple joint is very important as this principle will also be applied in the artistic forms too.

There are different reasons why one will want to roll a joint in a manner that is different from the basic joints. For some, it’s the pleasure of experimenting with something new to see if they find it appealing. Some on the other hand try new joints to share the experience with friends at parties and other social gatherings. Another reason is the possible effect of the new style of rolling on the entire smoking experience. Whatever the reason, joint rolling in special forms is already catching on and it is easy to see why. Let us delve into the different popular forms of rolling joints that are already catching on.

The Inside Out or Backwards Joint

The backward joint or inside-out joint is a common rolling method that doesn’t require much technique. It is widely used by many cannabis enthusiasts because it has a great influence on the entire growing experience. A backward joint is rolled using one piece of rolling paper to wrap the weed. The excess rolling paper not used in rolling the weed will either be bunt or chopped off. This method of rolling the paper will allow it to burn slowly giving off more flavor from your cannabis. Overall, the smoking experience is cleaner and more pleasant.

You can roll a backward joint with or without a filter. However, we recommend that you use a filter to get the best results. While trying to roll a backward joint, there are a couple of things to note specially and avoid. The major difference between a backward joint and a normal joint is the way you hold the paper. The rolling paper has a fold with a glue strip in the middle which helps with rolling. For this joint, you turn the paper face down before filling it with weed. This means the side of the paper which is usually outside is the one to be filled with the weed hence the name.

While filling, ensure that the glue strip is at the edge facing you. Try your best to get the cone or cylinder shape while rolling your jay. After rolling, use the glue strip to tuck it in. You can easily lick it from the outside to ensure it’s properly tucked in. Afterward, go on the enjoy a soothing smoking experience.

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The Tulip Joint

This is the joint you should try if you’re looking for a crazy experience. This joint can house a large amount of weed and the trick is in how you roll the joint. First, we start by rolling the head of the joint. This is done by joining two papers together using a glue strip to form a square. Next, you bring one of the bottom corners to the opposite top corner to form a triangle. Wet the strip and use it to seal the new triangle shape together. Open the sealed triangle to give a cone shape and fill it to the brim with your weed.

Roll another jay and pack it with your weed. Cut odd the excess paper ad trim the terminal edges of the jay. Insert the end of this jay in your cone and use another paper to seal the cone and jay together. Cut off the excess paper and use the last glue strip to attach the cone to the straight jay. Light it up and enjoy a crazy smoking experience.

The Bottle Joint

As the name suggests, this fat joint looks like a bottle and it is easily a fan favorite. You start by rolling a fat tube. This can be done through different methods but the common method of to roll a paper tube, seal it at one end and pack it with weed. Another way to make the bottle joint is to roll the paper packed with weed the normal way. Afterward, you cut off the excess paper and stuff it at the open end of the normal joint. Seal the top like a tulip joint is sealed and use your glue strip to ensure it remains fixed and you’re good to go.

The Triple Joint

This special joint is fondly called other names such as “The Triple Barrel” and “The Old Dirty One”. This special joint helps you to pack a large amount of weed into one joint at once hence its name. Surprisingly, this joint is also one of the easiest to roll. Start by joining two rolling papers together much like the tulip joint. Cut off the horizontal strip from the bottom and use it to roll three filter tips. Ensure that you use another glue strip to keep their papers intact. Place your cannabis on the large paper and roll it like a normal jay. Your joint ends up being large as a typical cigar and gives off a soothing blend of all the aromas in the weed.

Bottom line

The beauty of a quality smoking experience starts with some of the basics such as how you roll your joint. Step out of your comfort zone today and dare to roll an artistic or crazy joint that can blow you away.

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